Management Commitment

  • As GCN TURK, to offer our services equally to all interested parties within the framework of accreditation scope, standards and procedures, regardless of geographical area, social and political area, sector and industry, regardless of national and international impartiality,
  • GCN TURK employees and senior management will not engage in any behavior that will jeopardize or cast doubt on their impartiality and independence while carrying out international surveillance, conformity assessment, inspection, testing, product certification and system certification activities,
  • To make and constantly review analyzes against situations that may affect independence, impartiality and confidentiality rules,
  • To comply with the current EU Directives and international accreditation rules and to comply with these conditions by constantly reviewing the legislation conditions,
  • Making analyzes and constantly reviewing in order to manage possible conflicts of interest,
  • Not to provide consultancy services directly or indirectly in the fields of conformity assessment, international surveillance, inspection, testing, product certification and system certification,
  • In order to ensure independence, confidentiality and impartiality, the wages of all employees and senior management are not dependent on the number of documents and document fees,
  • Personnel who will be effective in making certification decisions will be independent from audits,
  • To keep all kinds of information and documents related to customers confidential, except for the information and documents that must be legally given to persons and institutions authorized to request information and documents in accordance with the law,
  • As GCN TURK management and employees, we undertake that all these activities will comply with the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality.

General Manager
Saadettin ÇAY