The Machinery Directive is a European law and requires that equipment within its scope is compliant with the applicable technical requirements listed in Annex I. These technical requirements are called the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR’s).

The first step in compliance with Annex I is to perform a Risk Assessment on the equipment to determine which of the Annex I EHSR’s are applicable to the equipment, and therefore must be met. The process at that point is to prove and document, point-by-point, how the equipment is compliant with the ed EHSR’s or to determine which of the harmonized EN standards are applicable to the equipment, and then to apply those portions of the applicable harmonized standards to the applicable EHSR’s.

EN ISO 12100:2010 is the sole harmonized Machinery Directive standard for risk assessment for non-explosive atmosphere equipment and is the first step mentioned above. GTL can perform an evaluation on your equipment to EN ISO 12100:2010 and other harmonized EN standards that may apply.

This means you have the choice to prove, technically, the compliance of each applicable EHSR or to apply the applicable portion of an applicable harmonized EN standard. The most practical method is to evaluate and test using harmonized EN standards because compliance with these confers the, “presumption of conformity,” which is defined in Article 7 of the Machinery Directive. This is what we do and if there is a risk that is not covered by a harmonized EN standard we will address this specifically and technically.